iWritebox | Mike Lindell’s Proof of Electoral Fraud

Mike Lindell’s Proof of Electoral Fraud

We have seen how the outcome of November 3rd in the Presidential election has been powerfully, and consistently contested by many people, not just the Trump team, and the MAGA supporters.

While the mainstream media has been doggedly supporting Biden’s alleged victory, and striving to keep hold of this narrative, and the billionaire groups and other international groups, along with the CCP have been apparently successful-this is just not the case.

A recent admission in Time Magazine of the ‘fortification’ of Biden’s campaign against Trump has exploded into the political world.

Anyway, here is the documentary Mike Lindell has produced, ‘Absolute Proof’ presented here for the further promotion of truth and fair play. iWriteBox supports truth, and the open discussion of political and social issues. 

You must make up your own mind, I present this video here because no doubt it will be taken down by many competing tech groups, this matter is by no means settled.

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