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D.C Overrun by We The People

Trump people mixed with dissident ANTIFA
Image Credit: Samuel Corum / Stringer / Getty

Predictably there are a number of competing media narratives being spun to account for what took place last Wednesday the 6th January 2021 in Washington D.C.

The President had put out the call for his  followers, asking his supporters to attend Washington as the electoral college votes were being tallied, and certified by the Senate. Trump had also Tweeted that he hoped his Vice President: Mike Pence would ‘have the courage’ to stand his ground and call out the objections for key ‘battleground states’. This was a final stand, seemingly, for the Presidential campaign to gain critical votes to ensure his seating for the next four years.

Upwards of one million people were attending this gathering, at this absolutely critical time, the crowds were historically immense, and the D.C police, and Capitol security were given plenty of warning that this was going to be a considerable event: on this the third time that Trump supporters were gathering in significant numbers at D.C to protest the management of this election; these people were behaving extremely well, as had been the case on each occasion.

Then, something went very wrong, just as the President was wrapping up his speech. 

A planned attempt to enter the Capitol building unfolded, urged on by insurgents from very far left-leaning activist groups, Q people, or undercover intelligence operatives: take your pick!

I say take your pick, because identifying exactly who was behind this is not easy; what is clear is that these were a minority of people, it was not thousands, the vast bulk of Trump followers had zero involvement with this. There are videos depicting official police uniformed men ushering the participants towards the building:

There are more of such videos if you wish to do a search, there was either great confusion, pre-planned actions, or blatant incompetence at work here.

In any case, the final opportunity for raising objections for state voting was taking place, Pence being the president of the Senate has the constitutional authority has the responsibility to count the state electoral college votes: some states sent along two sets, one for Biden, one for Trump. The hope was that Pence would set these two sets of votes aside and declare he is unable to count the votes. Mike Pence should have placed these ‘ambiguous’ electoral college votes to one side, and not include them; this is where it all became murky.

Pence recused himself from the constitutional process of throwing out questioned votes.

It was at this point that the ‘breakin’ took place; providing a beautiful ‘out’ for senators to challenge the seven states. The incident effectively nullified the challenges, a ‘moral excuse’ was provided, the invaders effectively sabotaged the Trump project.

We can see that this January 6 debacle effectively sealed the election for Biden: not a good day for Trump.

Why would Trump incite such a disaster?

The answer is he didn’t, Trump did not expect, or want this to happen. Who is really behind the violence, who is actually responsible?


The Fallout

It is very clear that the outcome of this Capitol invasion was horrendous for Trump; it is such an ideal excuse to spurn and reject Trump on the basis of this that one can’t help but consider if this was a ‘Psyop’, a pre-planned act of political sabotage.

The collective response from Silicon Valley is predictable: they are making the most of the negative association of the invasion to try and extinguish Trump so he cannot return, at all costs the technocrats and global billionaire club seeks to remove the potential threat of Trump’s global influence to their plans.

America experienced an entire summer of destruction, death, injury and violence in multiple locations, notably Portland, Chicago, New York, the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone in Seattle, Washington (remember that?); we are talking events well beyond the scale of what took place on January 6 in terms of human outcomes, and what was the mainstream media’s treatment of this? ‘Mostly peaceful protesting’ with the flames and smoke from the carnage visible in the video journals!

Sure, what took place in D.C on the sixth of January was unfortunate, but let’s keep some perspective here, the hysterical response is more to do with the desire to remove Trump, and the fear of the politicians for their own skins than it is about a genuine level of concern: the processes of certifying the votes was postponed for a few hours, there was no genuine destruction. The one fully documented death was of a veteran military Trump follower, unarmed.

They are going to milk this occasion for all the toxic power they can muster for it, while they mostly ignored the carnage and pain the past summer brought for tens of thousands of American citizens.

We are going to see this event justify some outrageous behavior, it has already provided the ‘out’ to sincerely investigate the colossal electoral fix of the century; there are at least 75 million Americans who will be watching this and taking stock, wondering what has happened to their country, I don’t think we have seen the final tally, we will not be seeing this for some time.