Tommy Robinson, Free Speech and Media Control

Tommy Robinson arrested

Independent Media Streamer Arrested In The UK Social Activist, and independent digital media journalist Tommy Robinson was reporting on an ongoing court trial, involving Islamic rape gang members in Leeds on Saturday morning 25/05/18. Mr Robinson’s live stream is partially published above, depicting the moment police officers inform him that he was being arrested for […]

Building Alternative Media

Hype and persitence

Mass Media is changing Free speech, independent media & corporate ghettos There is a lot of talk lately about ‘Free Speech’, examples of how we are being forced to accept mainstream social policies, and vilified if we dare to step outside of the prescribed boundaries of expression, and outright hostility if people suggest alternative opinions […]

A Free Press For Real

mike gorman podcast

Unbiased, Objective, Integrity, Free Press? Mass Media is changing forever, will you understand the opportunity? The history of news reporting, and of providing information to people is one of power struggles, repression, suppression, censoring, exclusive licensing, ideological propaganda. The emergence of journalism as a profession and of the major organizations which employ them is interesting […]

Free Speech, Trolls and Alternative Media

Facebook Instagtram

Mainstream media is miffed! Two way communication and media authority Every day lately we see this reference to social media, and the ‘abuse of power’ accusation from mainstream media groups and the established players from the 20th Century mass media empires. It makes me laugh, these lackeys of the covert wealthy groups who hide behind […]

Who do You Think You Are Fooling?

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What A Tangled Web We Weave… Evil Empires, NSA & Privacy Digital Media Trumps Them All Like many others in recent weeks, I have been observing the various narratives and conclusions, not to mention the accusations concerning Facebook and the alleged ‘malicious third party’ data breaches. Now, we have seen a very robotic performance from […]

Journalism and The Internet

modern journalism

Freelancing & Digital Media We have lots of talk these days concerning ‘fake news’, the influence of social media on recent outcomes and the emergence of alternative┬ámedia groups. Hillary Clinton famously stated that we are amidst an ‘Information War’ and that she considered the then establishment to be losing this war. However I would suggest […]

Digital Media In Australia

times have changed

The Growth of Digital MediaIn Australia The Digital Divide serves to exclude many people from fully participating with the powerful new opportunities to communicate, but times have certainly changed! By Mike Gorman It is interesting to note that many mass media organizations are currently trying to fight against the rise of digital media, social media […]

The Power of Digital Media

Gary Halbert and Copywriting

Mike Gorman Somewhere way south of Jewfish Creek Good Friday 2018 You know there was once a young man who aspired to build a simple data base of college students, using the advanced build language of the day. He just wanted to basically see who was ‘hot’ and who was not; to present a campus […]

Social Media & Influence


Everyone Is Talking About Influence Social Media is touted as being bad, but what is the real story? By Mike Gorman There is an awful lot of talk about social media this year. The tone, and type of talk is somewhat different; have you noticed? Along with the usual bevvy of numbered list articles: “10 […]

Building Digital Media

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There are lots of options open to you, but if you value your time and you desire good results there is no substitute for a professional building your digital HQ, putting your online identity together. I help a lot of people who have tried using those low quality options, and they end up wasting a […]