Russia Shows The Way Forward

Western politicians don’t want you to like Russia, but they are all that remains of what is good most probably We have been presented by the unprecedented far more often than we find comfortable in recent years, and the spectacle of Russian incursions into Ukrainian territories ranks with all of the preceding events we have […]

Time And Tide

disaster for the world

Waits for no man, these times have a finality about them, but hope springs eternal I was ruminating recently, I have not written anything for my personal media project site for ages! Back when I first built this project, I had high hopes of developing a distinctive, independent media publication which could serve to both […]

Anti Humanism

Hyperbole or stark reality the signs are not very good The title of this piece might seem very stark, perhaps even dramatic to you, Anti Humanism sounds like one of the extreme fringe movements that you do not wish to know more about; it is however the position of many people who occupy the most […]

Washington D.C Dramatic Productions

Capitol Theater

If you have been keeping up with events and developments with the United States presidential election of 2021 you could be forgiven for thinking that you have been watching a dystopian dramatic production, something like ” House of Cards”, except the reality is 100% more outrageous, considerably more insidious, and definitely more criminal. In many […]