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Evil Empires, NSA & Privacy Digital Media Trumps Them All

Like many others in recent weeks, I have been observing the various narratives and conclusions, not to mention the accusations concerning Facebook and the alleged ‘malicious third party’ data breaches.

Now, we have seen a very robotic performance from Zuckerberg, and memes depicting him as being ‘Data’ from Star Trek have been posted widely; very amusing I’m sure.

The point is, there is something which smells awfully like ‘something rotten in Denmark’ about these congressional hearings, and analysis from supposed ‘media experts’ and cyber security pundits.

When we speak of ‘privacy’ and the internet, something of a paradox is created. If we were all intent on preserving our privacy and being totally anonymous, completely discrete un-involved users then we would not be interested in anything which resembled the Internet!

Social Media by its own nature implies a large degree of identification, we were interested with Facebook because it offers us the means to have a look at people, see where they live, what they do for a living, where they go on holidays and all kinds of insights.

The terms of service for social media participation are clearly spelled out. Data is what social media all about, and very specific, personal data also. You do not have to provide it, but people can’t resist showing their freinds and relations how successful and affluent they are, what a wonderful life they are leading…

It was well known among people who are digitally literate that Facebook offers us a massive marketing opportunity. This is the big tacit reason for Facebook’s growth and popularity. The user community is the ‘product’.

What I see is that there are people who are miffed, ticked off about the public becoming more informed, they can’t make their politics and social policies work the same way they used to!

After 20 years of steady growth, and billions of people exchanging views, talking about politics and stuff, being exposed to alternative perspectives and fresh opinions, evidence and data, and the collective momentum of citizen journalism, bloggers, all kinds of alternative players the public has shifted somewhat.

We are no longer content to sit on our comfy chairs and be drowsily entertained, to allow the hypnotic stream of establishment propaganda to waft through our addled minds.

No, the scenario is a little different!

Even for digitally unaware people, the newsfeed of Facebook is presenting some different ideas. The political base-line has shifted.

The influence of social media is now being questioned, because we now have a much more aware public, we now have more people asking awkward questions. The many-headed beast of the public has turned into a nightmare Cerberus which is beginning to nip away at the comfort level of the power elites.

Facebook, YouTube and blogs – these are the stuff of nightmares for our managers and political leaders.

So, Cambridge Analytica, what a wonderful name! I actually heard one tame ‘expert’ make the assertion that people have been brainwashed, that Russian propaganda from Facebook newsfeeds has corrupted the masses and this is why Brexit won, this is why Trump gained his presidency. What a load of complete poppycock!

This is what they are saying to us. This is what their gambit has become. The threat of digital media is now very real, these people have gained a measure of insight into the true scale of this ‘digital revolution’.

Yes, this is an information war. It has always been an information war. They did not understand the true nature of the internet, these political groups, the layer of society which assumes it has the authority to tell us all how to think and live.

This is what motivates the congressional Facebook hearings, this is what is behind this narrative of discredit, this is the basis of the ‘Fake News’ story. 

The emergence of alternative media groups, the flourishing of ‘Freelance’ writing, the big growth of internet media has displaced the traditional conduits of the desired narratives. Advertising revenue is way down for the scumbags who peddle their crap to an unconscious public. The financial powers have lost a lot of custom.

Somebody must pay for the shift in the public attitudes. It must be YouTube, Facebook, these are the overt faces of the internet. This push to restrict, to control and censor, this idea that the internet has become ‘too powerful’ is gaining leverage. To a public which has barely come to grips with these new media outlets, which only dimly understands the scale of the online world it all seems obvious.

Zuckerberg is behind it!

Malicious third parties, Russian Bots, Collusion, Propaganda, RT, YouTube, Alex Jones, Trump, Brexit, Islamophobia, Migrant waves, War, Chaos…

The ability to sway opinions, the percentages, influence and power; we are poised on a dangerous precipice of fear and alarm driven hysteria which the power elites are trying to induce. They know that internet media has the power to expose them, to change the course of history, and they are desperately trying to kill the beast. The ‘Genie’ was let out of the bottle when the WWW became possible, this signaled the big shift.

Data is not responsible for the shifts in public opinion, there is no ‘Bot’ capable of altering how you vote. Facebook was not responsible for the rejection of the establishment narratives, information and communication is!

We are amidst unique times, communication as enabled by the internet is significantly more about social change than it is about technology. 
We are exposed by the internet, not hidden, and your intentions are transparent, get used to it, because the changes have only just begun; unless we are all wiped out by a self defeating nuclear war, this information age is going to reveal you to the world, think about that one as you chew on the privacy debate.


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