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Why Serious Business Always Misses Out Digitally

The thinking behind running a business is usually based on ‘risk management’, especially high end ‘this is serious’ type business.

This is a natural strategic mode of behavior, one which characterizes successful people all over the globe; in our current digital age it is also unfortunately one which can hold back a business from being ‘Agile’ and able to flexibly respond to innovation and change.

When the time comes for selecting IT and Web choices for your digital presence choosing glossy ‘official’ services providers is not always a smart choice.

Many of the web design agencies you see based in high streets in every town most often are staffed by Mac book using cool dudes who have come from ‘Design’ and graphics backgrounds. They hanker after their industry awards, they know next to nothing about the trench warfare of business and they couldn’t care less about you, beyond the fee you shell out for their ‘cool cutesy’ websites and ‘full stack’ coding sensibility. Too often these guys offer Social Media advice too and they favor ‘Likes’ and other vanity metrics; the very things that are completely irrelevant to building customer relationships and gaining relevance with your market.

The game has changed completely. This is not 2002.

Nobody cares about your ‘corporate image’ or how long you have been in business –  if you are not talking directly with people and providing what they want, in the way which makes sense to them, they will ignore you.

Today people have global access to whatever they need and want. There are literally millions of options out there and your company mission statement is not the first topic of interest on their minds.

If your website does not ‘work’ on their mobile device chances are you will be overlooked.

The attention of people is on mobile, and social media. 

That marketing budget you siphon each month on local T.V advertising is dead money.

You have the metrics from the past 2 years, what do yours tell you?

We are living in very different times, this is not ‘Kansas’ anymore Toto.

It is time to change up the game and begin a dialog with services which actually produce results for you. Forget the glossy agencies, they are failed advertising and design people who don’t know anymore about ‘Digital Culture’ than you do.

Hard talk for hard times.

If you are sick of the downward trend, if you want to experience some positive returns which truly employ some of today’s technology for your benefit. Let’s have a chat.


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High Street Web BS Leads To Industrial Wastelands
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