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Unprecedented evidence of widespread electoral fraud is currently being tabled in America

Cyber warfare is a term many of us have become familiar with in recent times. We tend to imagine shadowy characters in backrooms, hackers, and obscure clandestine communications, we don’t tend to suspect officials and people we invest trust with, we don’t expect an official election conducted in the land of Democracy itself to be suspect.

The blatant irony of this situation does not escape me: the 2016 presidential election was supposedly ‘interfered with’ by Russia according to the Democrats, an assertion which has been thoroughly debunked from exhaustive legal investigation, millions of dollars were burned through in the name of this bogus claim; 4 years of constant illegitimate attempts to discredit the Trump administration, this time the interference is founded on tangible evidence and the players are much closer to home.

This election has revealed a scale of corruption, malfeasance, blatant sabotage, software manipulations in the Dominion voting machines, the scope and sheer chutzpah of this surprises even seasoned intelligence operatives.

We do not have to be part of the inner-circles to observe what is taking place; the combined efforts of global media organisations to engineer the fix is incredibly clear.

Partisan support for Trump has never been so strong, a gathering of ‘MAGA’ people in Washington D.C took the world by surprise with upwards of 800,000 people attending according to the police department of Washington/District of Columbia, the true surprise here is the event was hastily prepared, Ad Hoc almost; I am not a partisan, nor is this publication in any way officially connected with the Trump administration, I am a completely independent journalist.

We are witnessing unprecedented claims of wide scale electoral corruption; Sydney Powell is a name most recently associated with the General Flynn case, Ms Powell is obviously a lawyer of great experience and skill, I don’t think we can casually dismiss anything she might tell us.

Regardless of the enormous legacy media effort to discredit this effort by the Trump administration to assert incredible wrongdoing in the November 3rd election, this is going ahead and is playing out according to American law and constitutional guidance, and this is a fact.

2020 was already a year that was going to be recorded as being one of the strangest, most turbulent years in modern history, the American election has ‘iced the cake’ in a way few of us could have predicted.

I will be returning to this article at the latter part of December 2020, and I will complete it after the outcome has become has clarified, I want to place a marker point, a flag, to compare the chaos and confusion of the 23rd of November with the 23rd of December. See you then!





31st December Update

That was a very fast month! So much has happened,  so much has been revealed and demonstrated since I last looked at this that it would take a book to describe it all. I felt certain that a more definite clarification of the election would be emerging by now, but I was wrong.

The situation with Trump’s legal team, Sydney Powell and state led objections to swing state procedures are such that it will now be at least January six 2021 before anything substantial is clear.

I will be writing a more comprehensive analysis after January 6, Meanwhile Happy New Year to you, and let’s hope the new year brings us something to smile about.

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