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Our Western World Is Literally Under Attack

Have you noticed anything different happening over the past 18 months or so?

Yes, I know that is rather an obtuse statement, because most of us are deeply aware of just how much our society has been altered since January of 2020; this applies regardless of where you happen to live, although the intensity and duration of the changes does vary in different countries.

The U.K for example has experienced severe and long duration lock down conditions, rules concerning masks, a significant closure of small businesses and sole trader type activities.

I am just like you, feeling somewhat ‘punch drunk’ with all of the changes and the information tsunami, it seems each day brings a fresh extreme that has never been reached before; but what is very clear here is that all of these changes, rules, impositions, heavy handed authorities, and the global scale of all of this has nothing to do with a virus.

We know from examining the genuine records for mortality, for example that about the same number of people are passing away each year as previous years over the past few decades: do you really want me to post another statistical chart, haven’t you seen enough charts and numbers being quoted at you? I suppose in the interests of probity and empirical ethics I should give you a source for this:


Opposing Opinions

All throughout this Pandemic we have seen a concerted effort to shut down and silence any medical opinion that offers resistance to the extreme lockdowns, the mask mandates, the fear and alarm public media narratives; we have seen doctors and epidemiologists who voice concerns and opposing opinions discredited, imprisoned, removed from stages where they speak, their websites and blogs hidden and obstructed from operating, their professional credentials questioned and smeared.

We have not seen open debate, we have not witnessed a free exchange of views or an informed flow of revised information: we have only seen authoritarian and absolute ruling. What are the government bodies so afraid of, why are they only presenting such a narrow slice of medical opinion, why is there such blatant rejection of advice and opinion from highly qualified and experienced people?

What are the true intentions behind these unprecedented public health measures: we have never close down the economy,. or been so selective as to which businesses can remain open, never before in the entire history of this world, which has experienced plenty of epidemics and dangerous disease outbreaks, have we agreed to placing curfews and closures on the population. Have the morgues been filled to capacity, are the hospitals truly stretched beyond their ability to function, have our graveyards and cremation furnaces been operating beyond reasonable limits? The true answer is NO.

Here is a video produced by Oracle Films, presenting some alternative opinion, this film was lambasted by U.K medical authorities, but as you will see the people involved with making these claims about invalid opinion have extreme conflicts of interest, which all lead back to Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation funding, including the BBC.

It seems there are a lot of people out there who have been ‘inoculated’ against considering the truth, or applying any kind of independent thinking, critical thought whatsoever. 

Many people want to feel they are on the winning side and understand the science behind public health measures; they have been effectively closed off from hearing anything but the official story: everything else is ‘internet conspiracy talk’.

Interesting isn’t it, how everyone is being directed to reject all, but the official websites, the public health media releases: since when did you just go along with these people?

Even people who are normally quite switched on, and sceptical about government policies seem to be going along with the official voices.

‘Flat Earther Rubbish’ they say, as epidemiologists and experienced doctors try to tell them lockdowns do not work in the way governments are claiming, that the vaccines are not even genuine vaccines: they do not offer us immunity to anything!

It is fucking insane how people are carrying on, with total gullible compliance.

Remember last year, around this time?

It was all about taking the strain off the public hospitals, do you really believe the hospitals are bursting with this illness?

The truth is that there is no genuine pandemic, any kind of outbreak was contained a long time ago. Cases they claim are growing are false positives, nobody is getting ill. Flu has been completely wiped out!

The numbers are all fudged, and obscured, the continuing dreadful effects of the closures and restrictions are doing much more harm to people. Our own choices as to how to confront our own health has been taken from us; how much longer are people going to accept all of this?

With a reading age of around grade 10, I do not hold out much hope that the normal population can decipher this malicious, corrosive campaign. What do you think?

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