What are the actual beliefs, understandings and motivations for you wanting to publish online?

What Are The Real Reasons
To Publish Your Own Website?

This might seem like a trick question, but finding out exactly why people think having their project/business/cause/identity published on the WWW is a good idea can reveal significant aspects which make all the difference to your outcomes!

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To Sell Your Uniqueness?

We are all in the game of 'Selling' something, regardless of your offering, whether this be your politics, your ancient craft skills, your fabulous craft beer, your handyman skills, your neuro surgical skills
The Internet enables us to reach people.
This is the big thing, the internet is our 'Middleman' which can interface with the entire world if need be. But we need to be clever along with our good intentions!


Refine Your Aim?

Speaking to the right people is a significant benefit of publishing on the internet, on social media, showing up in context rich places, which means your identity, your distinctive qualities being associated with the right messages, the precisely related subjects. This is incredibly powerful, it does not happen 'by default' you must engineer this!
And this is another benefit of having your identity built online 🙂


To Build Your Own Narrative?

This might sound a bit technical, but unless you have direct control over your own stories, you are either going to be ignored, or other people will fill in the blanks!
How many otherwise good businesses have gone under simply because 'gossip' and rumor have destroyed them?
If you are actively building, and presenting your strong messages, responding to your audience/customers there is no room for others to distort the message.

Each aspect of your website needs to provide a tangible, and definite benefit for you. We can often fall into the trap of imitating what others do without really knowing the reasons, or the true effect it has on our own outcomes.

Fashion, appearances and how websites ‘look’ can become another trap.

The graphical cuteness, or coolness of a site does not contribute as much to the success, or performance of it as many seem to think.

We need to consider exactly what we wish to achieve, and then link this with what is going to perform best  job for us, this does not always mean the most expensive, or technical solution either!

I have re-built websites that originally costed significant investment for their owners, 15-20 thousand dollars (sometimes significantly more), but the site although it may have garnered praise from the design community did not perform for the owner, this is called a ‘White Elephant’ site! 

An ‘award winning’ website is not necessarily going to do the best commercial, or practical job for you. 

This might sound paradoxical, but the work of some web designers is not always aligned with gaining tangible results, or producing effective communications, I see it every day, either the site is over produced and completely misses the mark, or it is way too simple and clunky. Balance can be found!

It is important to understand that UX, or ‘User Experience’ is a critical part of all digital publishing. You can read this text pretty easily because it is not cluttered, or bunched up, it is a decent size!

The ease with which people can find you, understand what you are presenting, and access your core offering is the important part. People do not even care very much about minute detailed graphical wizardry, unless your site is about this type of subject, they want to get to the point, and not waste time.

Simplicity, and ease of use eclipses complexity, and being ambiguous every time!

Communication, sales, clarity of purpose. These are the major considerations, and we need to examine the precise conditions of each ‘market’ before we commit to investing in fancy design measures, or trendy tools.

“Funnel building’ is the current buzzword. This is simply web page building, sequences of pages which make it easy for your visitors to access what you are offering them.

It is all ‘Web Development’, it is all about the same game. Communication, and optimizing processes, conveying your message, promoting your identity.

Whichever way you look at it, we will need to talk.

Let's Get Stuck Into Your Web Project