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Web publication is always changing, new styles, new approaches and new technologies are ever present. You have the assurance that your critical web HQ is being managed by the best. Our hosting and care plans are the envy of more generic agencies.

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We are the 'Web Guy' for the best. Our distinctive services approach is based on simplicity: We Listen to our clients. Too many web services providers prefer to pontificate about themselves, we prefer the mantra of: hard work, empathy, humility & kindness. We are always open, always ready to help you.


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The emphasis on 'Technology' in our digital, connected world belies the fact that it is actually all about "People". This is the secret ingredient for all successful publication online, the more you can genuinely connect with your people, the more successful you will be. This eclipses any ideas of metrics, or numbers and why we are very different in this industry.

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Skilled Technical Management

We offer you a unique experience, if you are used to the conventional web agency approach, you have a nice surprise coming. I insist on talking with each client personally before commencing any project or service delivery to make sure we are understand one another. Quality, Effectiveness & Happiness.

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If you are finally ready to stop messing about with inferior web performance and generic services, if you want the Real Thing all you have to do is make contact. Your web site is critical to your bottom line, sign up for total management, reward yourself with the best.


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There are always plenty of questions in the digital space. Here are some of the more frequently posed questions I have encountered. I'm afraid I cannot provide the 'meaning of life, the universe & everything' but I can tell you "42" is definitely not the answer.

Web Hosting is absolutely critical for online publication. So many folks seem to choose the popular companies, we all know which ones, and this is a fatal mistake. While these services appear to be attractive, and commonly spoken about, they have a high volume sales basis - not quality of service. We work with the Amazon AWS infrastructure, this enables us to offer superb performance & security.

Hosting is indeed fully included in all of our web build projects. We are able manage your site on a global basis, because AWS is distributed across the world - this means your SEO and geo-location markers are all in place; your site is not located on a server somewhere in Texas, it is syndicated precisely in your location. 

Page and site loading speeds are optimal, and continuously optimized. This makes an enormous difference to the user-level experience, as we all know this is critical today where all kinds of devices are used to access internet resources.

Today's web environment offers many different solutions for people wishing to publish their branded website. However it is a basic truth that 'Quality' always makes a huge difference to outcomes; many of the DIY products are inferior, do not rank very well and are limited in what you can achieve.

Our web building approach is based on Content Management, we provide some demonstration layouts to enable customers to more easily choose their own approach, but we customize your website to your specifications and business needs.

The advantage of content management frameworks have been proven over the past 15 years, the flexibility and versatility of a framework enables us to rapidly develop beautiful, functional and very powerful web publications. Your project is assured of success through the careful application of top quality digital skills & resources.

There are a lot of new players in the web game, sometimes people are attracted to an agency because of clever marketing, only to discover they really don't know much about their craft, and the level of service disappoints.

Mike Gorman, the founder of iWriteBox entered the world of Web & IT around 1995, he worked as a professional IT engineer in the U.K and in Australia for many years before forming his own company around 2009. We have been working with the internet, and web technologies since this time. The team working with Mike are experienced, seasoned experts; you can be assured you are in capable, good hands.

Yes, absolutely. Even though we work with a fully managed approach you will be the legal owner of both the domain name, the intellectual property of the content, and the entire Brand which we create for you.

Some agencies operate on a 'rental' basis-not in our case, we believe that if you are the owner of your business, you should also fully own the brand assets of your business. While we arrange and configure your domain name, it will be your name associated with this.

Any articles, or video, audio productions we might produce, all of this will be yours to take with you should you decide to move to a different platform. You are the legitimate owner of your professional, digital HQ.

The nature of web publication is such that nobody can provide a precise time frame for build projects, but we have found that different types of sites require different times to complete.

For example, a typical business site with 5-8 pages usually requires 4 working weeks until it is launched.  An eCommerce site can take 160 days, depending on the scope.

There are variables, such as the availability of your photographs, whether you have any copy, or videos already produced, if you have an existing domain name, the maturity of your business and others.

Mike Gorman works as the project manager on all build projects, we also adopt 'Agile' procedures, additional specialist staff are available and can be deployed on specific builds if required but they are always under the management of Mike Gorman.

The Internet is a global medium, and therefore just about every possible kind of venture, cause, non-profit, political, religious, secular entity has the need to build a web presence. We most often tend to work with professional, quality ventures and we insist that our customers are legitimate.

We do not work with MLM, or 'Get Rich Quick' entrepreneurs.

Architects, Retail, Medical, Dental, Landscaping, Automotive, Financial, Services, are some of the areas we have worked along side. Discuss your specific circumstances with Mike.

Our base-level build & management package begins at 2.5K plus a monthly services fee of $180. Premium hosting, security, backups, editing and content uploads are included, together with 24/7 support.

We can provide a 'Boost' option for SEO with a $700 per month option if you are keen to really make a difference.

eCommerce sites start at 3K with the monthly services of $200, because of the competition for eCommerce keywords and search terms the SEO is more intense.

Each project is supported with a contract, the scope of the project is clearly defined, further charges may apply if you are making too many changes beyond the scope.

Of Course! All you have to do is send me an email:, or give me a call 61 (0) 449 061 345 and I will happily discuss any aspect of web building, SEO, hosting,
content production, cloud services, Internet technical/philosophical matter.

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I am waiting, ready, willing & able to help you launch your fabulous new website (or re-launch) and online brand, I look forward, truly, to speaking with you