Search Engine Optimization

Creating Digital Content

Search Engine Optimization, this term has been with us for many years, and the area of ‘SEO’ has seen many ‘gurus’, experts and online personalities seeking to offer their own unique spin, and exclusive approaches that enable their clients, followers and customers enjoy an ‘inside lane’ in the online business stakes.

It is the complex nature, the technology of ‘Search’ itself that has given rise to this enigmatic and valuable digital topic of SEO.

There have been vast scholarly tracts, and books written on this subject, endless blog posts on dedicated blogs, and to define it in a concise, brief manner is always a significant challenge.

However, in terms of producing digital text, and other content the objective is to indicate to the ‘bots’ and ‘crawlers’ that Google, (and other search engines) release onto their proprietary AI search systems, and the internet as a whole, that your particular publication is a genuine instance for a specific type of search, and can be syndicated, cross referenced and trusted.


Rank Brain & AI

This is a very complex algorithmic equation, how the AI systems perceive, and there are different quantified weightings assigned for specific characteristics of individual digital publications.

Suffice it to say, nobody can claim to know precisely how digital publications are eventually ‘ranked’, not even Google engineers-artificial intelligence definitely plays a significant role in all of this (the so-called ‘RankBrain’), it is revealed that ‘Social Signals’, ‘Natural Links’ and demand from organic traffic sources are included.

We do not claim any mystical powers, or  make extravagant claims.

Too often those services who DO make hyperbolic claims for their services are in fact ‘Hacking’ the algorithms, either with privately owned or rented third party resources.

Black Hat vs White Hat

There is always a risk involved when you sign up for ‘black hat’ or ‘clever’ SEO. This is why more recently ‘White Hat’ services are gaining in popularity.

The changes to the search technology has enabled genuine results to manifest if conditions are met from content producers. I could keep writing this section for days and days, and still not completely account for SEO as a whole.

That is why I mentioned the ‘challenge’ of being concise 🙂

We offer 100% legitimate SEO oriented content. We can think of the WWW as a Semantic medium, it therefore responds to ‘words’, and human response to those words. We have to become Media Companies, this is the mode of operation.

This section will no doubt be edited and added-to over time; this is the nature of online publications, it is forever changing.