New Media Skills

Building Your Media Identity & By-Passing The GateKeepers

Are you someone who likes writing, observing your social world, have a political awareness, want to publish your articles, get a Podcast out there, produce videos...Perhaps you have had a crack at 'Freelancing' and are sick of not getting anywhere making $20.00 for 5,000 word crap pieces? Maybe you have tried breaking into the legacy media ranks, but just can't seem to gain any traction? You have become very aware of how much the Web is now the true medium for reaching the most audiences, but maybe you just don't have the techie skills, the digital media chops to make things happen? Pay Attention:
The whole game of mass-media has shifted, many people try setting up YouTube channels, and hitting the free podcast sites, but this isn't the best way to build your identity.
You don't syndicate from a position of no home base, that is just futile, you are the mercy of other people's media platforms.
This is a training program to fast-track your media identity.

Old School Journalism Is

Get with the 21st Century

Clean up your Writing

The approach to writing English on the web is a specific craft. We need to know our audience/s and make sure we are able to connect on the important levels. I help you to tighten up your English, no stuffy academic approaches!

Setting Up Your Media Platform

This is the critical step many completely miss, the seasoned media people understand the absolute need to own your media assets, this brands all your content under your specific identity, learn how to get this done, or I can do it for you!

Podcasting The Right Way

Radio used to be a crucial part of mass-media, now we have the digital version of podcasting. But I show you how to produce, edit, and get it all in the right form. I teach you how to get approval from iTunes, but most importantly how to publish firstly to your media platform, and then spread your podcast on the various distribution channels.

It is a Mobile World

Your Media Platform needs to be optimized for mobile devices. This is taken care of, so that whatever type of content you choose to employ is available on all device types.

Web Fire Power

The most powerful type of internet cloud services that Netflix, HBO, and big brand names know and love is Amazon Web Services. Your Media Platform, Podcast will be blasted to the Interwebs from AWS, the best! Check who else hosts with AWS, go on, I'll wait here for you...

Support & Teaching

You will not believe the level of support and help you will receive. If you want to learn digital media ninja moves, so that your colleagues struggling with expensive, B.S services will be scratching their heads how you develop and build your name on the web so fast, so powerfully, you will be in the media stratosphere waving back, well something like that, it's good anyway!

Meet the owner

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