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Digital Media

You might have a few questions about our services in mind-we present & answer a few here

Time To Complete?

The completion time is definitely going to depend on the scale and nature of your your project. We provide a timed proposal with each client. A full stack project from ground zero might take over a month to complete, a few edits and uploads of articles a few days. Be assured we don’t cram, or rush our work.

International Customers?

Our services are geared towards the following countries:

The United Kingdom

The United States


New Zealand


These are the primary countries we tend to service. We are not a ‘local’ agency, we work on the internet, for the internet and therefore we can help anyone who operates on the internet.

Price Range?

Our services are highly specific. We do not mass produce, or cut corners.

We present digital services of distinction.

Our prices and fees reflect the scale and quality of our work, the value of the outcome for you, pretty basic.

Quality Outcomes

All of our efforts are geared towards the crucial goals of providing quality outcomes for our customers.

Quality is first and foremost in our minds.

We solve the problem of presenting you to the right people


All of our work is produced using English language styles which are compatible with the already listed countries. 

We adjust the language and tone, the pitching to your specific audience in consultation with you.

Clear, effective communication is the supreme objective.


Assurances & Guarantee

We declare our work to be the highest quality and best value for your investment. We declare our services to be of the highest possible quality.

All websites are fully hosted on Cloud resources which reside in your geographic location.

Security & Speed are guaranteed. Optimization is an organic part of all development work.

Each project will come with its own conditions which we will agree on prior to any work being undertaken.

To place an order, either go directly to the ORDER PAGE, or click on one of the clearly marked Order buttons found throughout our website.

Minimum requirements, we ask that you provide us with the detailed requirements and nature of your website, or other digital project.

We ask that you also provide additional documents, such as graphics/photographs, any Copy you already have, content, detailed descriptions of your business and how you want to present it. We operate best with clear communication-it is always preferable to get it right first time!

We maintain communication with all clients, milestones are discussed, and outcomes identified. This is the secret to all project work, communication.

We cost out our work based on three major criteria: 1. The level & extent of required research 2. The deadline, or urgency 3. The overall value and quality of the outcome.

We determine the cost of services on the level of energy and time we need to expend, sure, but what we make possible for you becomes the primary criterion.

We evaluate the real-world value of what we do in terms of how it resolved your problems, what changed for you and how effective we are in meeting the objectives we agree on


We commit to providing 100% original work, On-time delivery of orders, we appreciate that our clients need their work at critical times. We also have a very strictly enforced Confidentiality policy which we are uncompromising about.  

We provide Revisions As Needed

All digital content is delivered, and evaluated, and revised if needed.

We enforce a ‘zero tolerance’ of plagiarism for all our work. It is absolutely guaranteed to be 100% original, high quality digital content and media. 

We strive for 100% customer satisfaction,  but we are realistic enough to understand that sometimes people are not happy. We have checks and balances in operation, we provide revision and editing services for all projects.

As we tend to manage our sites in an ongoing sense, all matters are dealt with dynamically.

Completing Your Order

Very commonly received questions are here answered, please contact us with any further inquiries.

I have been a regular 'consumer' of all kinds of digital services through the years. Websites and content are mainly what my life is about-iWriteBox have been like a breath of fresh air, truly! These guys just know what I need, and they get it done. It is always better to pay for premium quality, it just works.
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Mike Denis
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