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Building your profile and identity as a modern journalist or any kind of writer demands serious digital fire power and professional services which support your objectives

Own your Domain Name-build your personal brand.

Digital Media is changing the game, keep up with services that match your ambitions, gain an edge in today’s noisy media world.

Building a ‘niche blog’ takes dedication, focus and time-don’t waste your energy on mediocre web platforms.

Creating, and maintaining a professional profile takes serious web fire-power these days, gain traction and experience the next level of support.

Integrate Social Media

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Set up & Manage your Blog

Sales Funnel


The online world offers all graphic creatives enormous opportunities

Set up your profile, present your portfolio and build syndication

Building your digital HQ is a smart move, get supported and launch your work from a powerful platform.

Once it is built and in place it needs to be maintained, secured and promoted!

Own your Domain Name, build your personal brand.

independent freelancers, Coaches,

Gain a foothold in today’s competitive digital market, but how you say?

This involves having your foundations in place, and being supported with digital skills/resources which work on your behalf!

Own your Domain Name, build your personal brand!

Coaches, Consultants, Speakers, Thought Leaders need  powerful resources, support & services which match your precise media needs.

Build your online education platform

Begin building your media company on solid foundations!


Amazon Web Services Hosting

You might have heard of AWS, this is the most powerful cloud resource that is available.
You might know colleagues and competitors who use services like 'GoDaddy', or 'Bluehost' and think these are what you use, but these services do not provide the fire power we need as media professionals.
Do some private research and find out for yourself, don't take my word for it!
You know that 'Netflix' is a successful online business, right? Netflix is built on AWS services, this is the foundation of its power.

Anyway, all clients are fully supported on AWS, you will immediately notice a huge improvement in your online performance, in the reach of your articles/videos/podcasts, in the page-load speed of your site.
In addition you will gain the advantage of a seasoned web professional and a team supporting you, helping you to build your site, present your message, answering your questions, offering advice and genuine empathy.

digital media build & tech support
be fully supported!

Digital Power

Media Package

Get Started With This Superb Value Entry Level suite of Benefits
$ 367
97 Plus $30 per month technical service fee
  • 3-5 Page Site
  • Security + SSL Comodo Included
  • Search Engine Optimal
  • Mobile Responsive Coding
  • Premium Amazon AWS Cloud Services
  • Full Tech Support
Digital Power

So, what Do you Get?

Everywhere out there, these days we see lots of offers to make our journey easier, we can go with ‘Squarespace’, ‘Clickfunnels’, ‘Optimizepress’ to present our thing. 

None of these big hyped up projects offer you a specific understanding of communicators, educators, coaches, journalists, bloggers, they don’t really care what you are trying to achieve, they just want your bum on their seats!

This is an entry-level package, I am not suggesting this is all you will ever need, or that we cannot do more for you; we can certainly do much more for you!

However, you need to begin somewhere, you need to get started building your unique identity, and to present your work, your offerings, your articles, your courses, your message, your distinctive digital HQ.

This package offers you the most powerful cloud resources, comprehensive technical support and creative understanding.

With this package you can begin to focus your efforts, to build your audience and have somewhere to call your own.

Sure, we can spread ourselves across social media, and publish on web 2.0 sites-but this is never enough! Owning your own piece of internet ‘Real Estate’ cannot be bettered.

This is the best value currently available for getting started in the Digital Media game. No other platform or service is offering you the sheer value and digital “Fire Power” of this entry-level package!

Contact me directly, if you want additional services, or to move what you already have to a much more powerful support environment.