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Copy Writing And Myths

How to compel your readers and visitors to respond with their credit cards and be helpless to resist the power of your content...

If you are familiar with the traditions of sales copy, and you have admired people such as Gary Halbert, David Olgivy and the great direct sales letter wizards of previous years, you can see what I have done here.

I have presented the classic red headline, and the plain font letter to you underneath, where I present a ‘pain point’, spell out the agony of some aspect of modern living-whether this be ‘Bad Breath’, ‘Excessive Sweating’, or ‘Selling Confectionery’ to schoolkids, or ‘Piano Lessons’ – it does not so much matter what, but it is the how which we are interested with.

Some of the classic direct mail campaigns netted their creators enormous wealth almost over-night. Volume of sales, and the sheer logistics of these campaigns were mindbogglingly enormous. The famous ‘2 Billion Dollar Letter’ is a classic example.

We need to learn from these old wizards, what they in essence gave us was something that is directly transferable even into our digital, information age. 

In fact the main lesson of the old direct mail writers is astoundingly relevant to our internet communications, where reaching people on a personal level is now, more than ever valued.

I speak about the fact that the internet is enabled by ‘Technology’, but is actually all about ‘People’. This is the big mistake many people make about digital culture.

The technical basis of the internet is largely irrelevant, we can now access tools and software which interfaces between the underlying tech, and give us a powerful means to produce publications which can then reach very significant numbers of people. 

The 2 Billion Dollar Sales Letter

Two guys, each with similar qualifications, similar backgrounds and education set out, their career charted,  and the outcome compared for each guy – this is a compelling example of a very famous sales letter. This letter speaks about the use of knowledge, how each guy chose to apply what he learned. It presents us with a very clear contrast.

Guy number 1 became a manager, while guy number 2 rose through the ranks and became the CEO of the business. Each man had the same potential, but that potential was executed very differently.

But the essential part is the story, and the personal approach, we are drawn in and want to discover the outcome of the story.

We like to think we are rational consumers, we purchase because we evaluate the features, compare and contrast, demand the best price and we resist the sales talk. But if we are honest, we purchase from an emotional set of reasons.

We seek out a new model of car because we want to appear ‘switched on’, and able to afford the best, we wish to make ourselves the source of envy – and sales copy taps into this ‘real reason’ very powerfully, and stealthily. 

We want to buy that big house in the best suburb of the city, complete with impressive gardens and local to the best school and shopping; to provide a high standard of living for our family? Or is it also to ‘stick it’ to our relations and friends, to be seen to be ‘doing well’?

Of course, you might not admit to these motivations, they are like the sub-text, the unconscious level which good copy simply ‘triggers’.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.  While the surface features of our lives become more optimized, more convenient, they also satisfy and address very primitive and sensual appetites.

This is why the old wisdom, the established store of tricks are still very much evident. 

Being A Media Company

You want an impressive website, and for this to load fast, to work for you, you want to derive results.

This is where good copy comes in. We don’t want to present the dreary generic content that most websites present. You need something distinctive, compelling, you need stories, and clever writing, to reach people in powerful ways!

At the end of the day this is what all digital publication seeks to do. We need to treat our digital efforts like a media company. iWritebox is a digital media company, and we work for you, to build your identity and to make the internet work for you.



Writing Good Copy Demands Empathy & Direct Understanding

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